Photography by Brizendine Photography

Photography by Brizendine Photography

Because you have shared in their lives
By your friendship and love
Autumn Nicole Mikita and
Danial Wayne Hallock
Invite you to share in their celebration
As they join in marriage on October 16th 2015.


The Wedding will take place at the beautiful Shades of Green by Disney. Please RSVP early to enable us to get an accurate head count and find out the best way to keep in touch!  Don't worry, we'll let you know before reservations become finalized.

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Shades of Green is on Disney Resort (so we get the Magical Hours), and is approximately 25 miles from Orlando International Airport.

You don't need to stay at Shades of Green, but if you want to the booking process is pretty easy and the instructions are below:

There are other lodging options, but we have 10 rooms for the week of the 9th and the 18th as well as 25 over the weekend of the 16th. Guests who stay at Shades of Green will need to stay between the 9th and 24th in order to qualify for the military rate.

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