Continued use of this website and its services requires adherence to the following terms of service:

  1. AFFILIATE FUNDING. This blog is financed through Amazon's Affiliate program, Google's Adsense program, and through online consultations.  I try to keep the advertising to a minimum and relevant to the blog posts and products that I have used personally.  However, try as I might to offer authentic referrals, your mileage may vary and I offer no warranty as to your outcome should you use these advertised products.
  2. ENDORSEMENT OF EXTERNAL LINKS.  Links outside this blog are not endorsements to perpetuity by myself; a link to another blog or website implies only that, at the publication date of [my] blog post, I believed [the referenced] free of malware, relevant to [my] blog post's topic, and of reasonable integrity and authority.
  3. ENDORSEMENT BY EMPLOYERS.  I will discuss my affiliation with various companies, federal agencies, or organizations from time to time.  I am not endorsed by any of these, nor do I speak for them unless I explicitly state so prior to each individual blog post.  Disclosure of my affiliation is merely to express authority on a subject (e.g. veterans rights through disclosure of military service) or to disclose potential conflicts of interest.
  4. PROTECTION OF USER INFORMATION.  With the exception of Disqus (comments), Squarespace (my webhost), and Mailchimp (My Newsletter), your information will not be shared with anyone with my consent.  I cannot stop your Internet Service Provider or the National Security Agency from snooping, but they do so against my (and hopefully your) protest. I will take all reasonable measures to protect your data against interception.
  5. CONTENT POLICY.  I will never knowingly post anything that:  contains malware, pornography, graphic content, profane or against good taste, factually inaccurate, discriminatory (sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-theist, etc), causing or intending to cause incitement, or that may be construed to attempt to overthrow a local, state, or federal government.  Commentators and guest bloggers will be held to the same standards. 
  6. SOURCING. Primary sources should be embedded into the main work of each post, and if a source is mistakenly omitted please contact me so that I may rectify the issue.  Even issues in which I have firsthand knowledge will be referenced to publicly available and published work unless otherwise specified or implied (e.g. "I" or "we") in order to prevent perceived or actual conflicts of interest.  Additionally, I'll make reasonable efforts to prevent circular reporting, reporting with obvious biases, or reporting that is unfinished or still developing.
  7. CONSULTATION REFUND POLICY.  My consultations are booked in one hour blocks and I will not take any on any project or consultation I feel is (a) outside of my technical prowess, (b) unreasonably burdensome to myself, you, or either of our financial situations, (c) requires on site support, or (d) is extremely volatile or valuable (malware removal, data recovery, etc).
  8. REMOTE ACCESS POLICY.  I will never, under any circumstances, during the course of consultation or demonstration, remotely access your computer.  You, or someone on your behalf, will perform all maintenance actions required and I will act only in an advisory role.
  9. CONSULTATION LIABILITY.  I will be acting in an advisory capacity only; any ambiguity in my statements should be addressed through thorough questioning prior to you performing actions in which you are not trained or accustomed.  I accept no liability beyond the lesser of two hours of consultation fees or the booked number of consultation hours.
  10. LITIGATION.  Should you, or someone on your behalf, deem it necessary to send a cease and desist or court summons for SLAPP purposes, defamation, or damages associated with a consultation, the court case will be held in the jurisdiction that covers my home of record unless otherwise specified by myself or a court of law that has been made aware of these terms.
  11. ESTIMATIVE LANGUAGE. Whenever I mention that I, or another entity, has "assessed" something (e.g. Stratfor assesses that China will lay claims in the South China Sea), it means that the information is based on some level of professional, scientific, and/or authoritative reporting.  Whenever a blog post mentions my opinion, it will be declared as such (e.g. "I believe," "I think," or "In my opinion"), and whenever a claim makes neither statement (e.g. "The theory of evolution states...") then something is regarded as above reproach in the scientific or professional community from where it originated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.