1 Hour Consultation: Simplifying Home Entertainment


1 Hour Consultation: Simplifying Home Entertainment


You've probably been a subscriber of Netflix or Hulu for a while now, and you probably watch it on your gaming console or roku; but did you know that the world of home entertainment is so much more than Instant Queues and Kinects?  If you're new to home entertainment, and are looking to understand how ditching the dish can be a realistic goal, then you should consider a brief consultation.  With every appointment, I'll help you with as many (or as few) of these services as you might need, all to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  I'll help you: 

  1. Decide what device(s) you should purchase to fit your needs.
  2. Order the device(s) and prepare for it's arrival
  3. Register for any necessary accounts for the device to function (Hulu, VUDU, etc)
  4. Install, assemble, or register the device(s)
  5. Troubleshoot the device(s), and navigate warranties
  6. Ensure you understand the technology

While there are some instances of troubleshooting the setup and configuration stage of a network, and protecting your information does carry some virus removal/protection experience, my primary focus is not troubleshooting equipment that no longer properly function.  This is for several reasons and if you're not sure if this pertains to you, ask!  I'll be happy to answer any brief questions free of charge.

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