1 Hour Consultation: Data Analysis


1 Hour Consultation: Data Analysis


Excel.  We love to hate it, and we all have that one workbook that we know  has a treasure trove of information in it, but we don't know how to make sense of it. That's where Business Analytics, or "Data Analysis" comes into play; data anaylsts can analyze any number of things, and freelance analysts (like myself) have no difficulty tackling any of the following:

  • Surveys
  • Earnings Reports
  • Experimental Observations
  • Website Traffic
  • System Reliability Statistics
  • Anything that can be exported to Excel, Access, or CSV files

So, what do you get from your consultation?


We will meet to discuss your data set and its history, as well as your business, market, customers, and priorities. I will then spend about week gleaning as much information as I can from your Excel workbook or Access Database, and compile the data into whatever format you request (usually a formal report, dashboard, and powerpoint).  We will then meet for another fifteen minutes to discuss the results, the report, and the methodologies used to arrive at my conclusions.  This way your total time (and financial) commitment to the analysis is kept as low as possible.


What sort of information will this report contain?  While every data set is different, you can expect to see some of the following:

  • Mean, Median, and Modes (What is the data telling us?)
  • Data Relationships (Can we break the data up?)
  • Trend Analysis (What is the rule?)
  • Outlier Analysis (What are the exceptions to the rule?)
  • Regression Analysis  (What does the future look like?)
  • Recommendations (An outsider's perspective of the data)
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