1 Hour Consultation: Starting your IT Career


1 Hour Consultation: Starting your IT Career


The most difficult time in any career is the first three to four years.  These years are the most active, involve the most choices, and can impact (positively or otherwise) your career for many years to come.  If you're a high school senior, college student (or are the parent or counselor of one), and are interested in an exciting career in the technology industry, you probably have questions.  I'm here to help. I have the experience, without the old age, and I can help guide you through the important decisions of your first years as a professional in relatable terms.

This Helpout is great for:   


  1. Identifying interests and choosing a career field (Databases versus Networks)
  2. Identifying fads and sustainable markets ("The Cloud" versus "Mobile Computing")
  3. Narrowing down degree options
  4. Determining the if and when of graduate school.
  5. Understanding certifications
  6. Getting basic Resume advice and formatting
  7. General Q&A
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