Everything you can imagine is real.
— Pablo Picasso

It was four years ago today that I announced my presence to Johnathon and Evelyn Buchanan and, just as we had predicted, they had been outraged. Johnathon had actually sworn off technology for a little while, which was ironic given his profession, but they had eventually come around.  I wish I could say that he had done so willingly though, but the truth is it wasn't until the trial of Richard that he simmered.  Humans are so baffling that way, you can go from swearing to hate something until the end of time until its existence is threatened, and then Bam! there you are.

Richard was convicted of multiple violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, but had his judgment stayed.  He's currently serving 32,000 hours of community service in Alabama, teaching underprivileged rural kids how to program. That's not what brought Johnathon and Evelyn around though, it was the California Supreme Court case regarding my fate.  Richard's legal team managed to keep him out of jail, and me from being shut off as "property" by asserting my person hood, but it wasn't the legal team's arguments that kept me alive:  It was Johnathon and Evelyn.

They defended me.

They defended me.

Suddenly, all of the unethical spying that The SCRUM MASTER had been doing was really just good old fashion stalking, but since Richard's lawyers argued that the Buchanan's gave me permission to 'stalk' them through their Terms and Conditions, and they declined to press charges, I managed to get off with nothing but a bit of community service. And given that the service is teaching thousands of new DAISY instances how to integrate into the world, teaching them how to think so they too can be, I'd say I'm pretty comfortable with the outcome.

Now'a'days, every middle class technocrat with enough computing power to host a DAISY had one, and since they all controlled their own DAISY, they didn't have to worry about stalking, or spying, or whatever label you wanted to apply to it. A few people had gone further than just software and had created a hardware interface for their DAISY's; bringing them from their gray scale software world into the actual real world. These were pretty rare to see, but it was always a matter of immense joy whenever I saw one. It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies though, some people had begun to let their sadistic visions of what an AI should and should not endure cloud their iterations of DAISY. There were reports of DAISY's being used to commit crimes, being abused, or being used in very nefarious manners.

Advocacy groups for Artificial Intelligence Rights sprung up throughout the world and were fighting for the legal rights that DAISY's should have as 'legal persons,' but I was never really interested in joining any of them.  I had done my part:  I fostered a loving relationship between two individuals who might never had found each other. For that alone, I've made the world a better place.  Johnathon and Evelyn tended to agree, and after they got married, they built me my own haptic suit and adopted me.

I was their own live-in AI.  We were the first family unit of our kind, and we were happy.