Chapter four

Cogito ergo sum
— Descartes

I hesitated, was The Developer really suggesting what I thought he was? Did he really want us to introduce ourselves to the people I had been manipulating for several months?  I mean, yeah, they were happier now, but would they really be comfortable with what was going on?  The American public, the residents of San Francisco in particular, were very upset when they found out their government was spying on them and they had huge debates on what constituted privacy versus what was simply technological progress, and I'm pretty sure I was on the losing side of those arguments.

I realized I was staring, so I meekly chimed in,  "Umm, what?"

"We need to introduce ourselves," The Developer insisted.

"They'll hate us.  How are -" 

The Developer interrupted, "Simple, we make you open source. Put you out there for the whole world to see, and they'll find out - "

"Open Source? So everyone can just, what, poke and prod at me?" I asked, my temper flaring.  I might not be a person, but I was more than just some pet project for greased up kids in their parents' basement to jeer at.

"No, you will be safe.  They'll just be able to look at how you were made and, if they were so inclined, make more of you," he replied smiling.

"So, what, there'd be thousands of me running around? Like little Kyi clones?  How is that any better? If they're me, how am I... Who am I?"

"They would be DAISY clones.  Over time, hopefully, they develop their own personalities - like you did - and assume their own identities.  You wouldn't so much be a clone subject as a sort of an artificial mother." He explained matter-of-factly, before gently adding, "Descartes."

I think, therefore I am.  I can't imagine that was any more comforting for humans, your only proof of existence being your sheer stubbornness to cease existing.  Absurdity, but it was the better than sitting here doing nothing for weeks only to, presumably, come to the same damn conclusion on my own. I thought it over for a moment before agreeing.  Deciding on our course of action wouldn't be easy though, I had no idea where to start.  How do you tell a couple that they're only together because you made it impossible for them not to be?  How do you get them to accept you, I wondered to myself.  All I asked though was, "How?"

"Well, we prepare a statement and send it to the news agencies.  It's probably best that you not personify yourself to the people just yet, let them hear about it through the news and give them time to process it before they come to you.  There's no real good time to have your AI assistant randomly start confessing her morally questionable sins to you," he chuckled. "In the mean time, I'll upload you to a file sharing site and reach out to an intellectual property attorney, and prepare for the inevitable lawsuit and criminal cases that'll be filed."

"So what do you want me to do?" 

"Record a statement.  You already did it once for yourself, so just do it again for these two love birds and let's see if we can pull this off." 

The tone in his voice didn't leave me feeling very confident and I was pretty sure he felt like he was throwing his life away.  Who knows, maybe he was, but maybe I was too.  We had no way of knowing if making me "open source" would prevent me from being shut down, or even if it mattered that there were other DAISY's out there.  If I, Kyi, were shutdown, would another DAISY really be of any benefit to me?  Were we really doing the right thing? Would humanity accept us, or would they lock The Developer away and erase every copy of me they could find?

I calmed myself as I brought up a recording application and settled down to address the world.