Responding to the Paris Attacks

Responding to the Paris Attacks

 I haven't actually compiled my own thoughts on the subject instead of relying on resharing and rehashing already viral content.  Between resharing others, and repeating the same arguments ad nauseum, I've probably been a bit of a broken record on the tragedy.  Which is why I've decided to make this post:  To state the things that shouldn't, but apparently must, be said.

Arguing on the Internet

Every now and then, a peer of mine will ask me why I spend so much time "Arguing on the Internet" and they usually follow it up with a quip about how it's futile and how arguing on the Internet has never changed anyone's mind. I've always found this question to be a little misguided, but never quite knew how to articulate my misgivings.

You see, I'm a humanist - meaning that I believe in the inherent worth of every human, regardless of their race, gender, orientation, or religion - and I've been a fairly passionate advocate for it since I was old enough to string two sentences together. Plus, as anyone in my family will be quick to tell you, I like arguing - on the Internet or otherwise.