Moving to Las Vegas

Moving to Las Vegas: Life After The Strip

Moving to Las Vegas:  Life After The Strip

The allure of the Strip faded, hasn't it?  It took, what, two months?  Maybe you were pretty persistent and the allure held on for four or five months, but the end result is the same:  You're a local now, and fuck neon lights.  So, what now?

My advice?  Travel.

The best thing about Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas Boulevard, but it's the centrality of the the entire Midwest, and cheap nonstop airfare to almost anywhere you could want to go in the United States, makes it a perfect place to live for those of us with the travel bug, which after a few weeks into the summer, will be all of us.

So, here are ten must-do items for every new Las Vegas resident.



In mid-January, a former boss of mine contacted me about an immediate opening in Las Vegas, Nevada for a Senior UNIX Systems Administrator position with a small company/start-up where she was working and, after a week of discussion, I accepted the position and set about to move my entire life, my fiance, and my possessions the 1,500 miles from Little Rock to Las Vegas within two weeks.

To say that the process was a logistics nightmare would be an understatement but, in large part to very helpful friends, I was able to resign from Jacobs on the 30th of January to begin working for Criterion-Systems on the 1st of February. It was a hectic road-trip, but we managed to stop along the way to see some of the historic landmarks and take a few scenic detours on Route 66.