I've dabbled in a few Science Fiction short stories (notably NASA Down and DAISY), but they were part of a larger effort; an effort culminating with me writing my first full-length novel: Voyager.

Voyager Research.PNG

The premise is simple: Every Science Fiction story that I've ever read either assumed that Earth had globalized under one central government before contact with extraterrestrials and we were able to survive the encounter, or we had not globalized and we were defeated. I aim to fill that niche in the Science Fiction community; essentially, I aim to write a geopolitical drama with E.T. playing a leading role. My non-spoilerific research material can be found here (warning: there's a lot) on Workflowy.

A few of my sub-goals are to also address what I hope the world will look like when this near-future (2049) novel takes place. So my desire is to address a few topics: Feminism, Racial Equality, Imperialism and Suzerainty, Digital Economics and Activism, Mental Health, and Climate Change. So, needless to say, there's a reason that Workflowy list is so involved.

Voyager Cover.PNG

I also grabbed a cover from CCR Covers because, why not? This will probably change over the next year or two of writing and revisions, but it captured the feel of the book, so there seemed to be no harm in preempting this part of the process.  I plan on writing a lot of this while I'm in military training to become an officer in the National Guard (I don't expect the academics will be particularly challenging) and hope to have it out by early 2019.

In the mean time, however, you can read my short stories DAISY and NASA Down, or pick up my book Understanding IT.