Free Weekend: DAISY

My first short story, DAISY is free this weekend on Amazon as part of a promotional event.  However, not only can you pick up the 22 page short story for free this weekend, but if you leave a candid (favorable or critical) review on Amazon or Goodreads, I'll throw in a free advanced review copy of Understanding IT before it releases on July 4th.

Amazon not your style?  Don't worry, once the introductory 90 day period of Amazon exclusivity wears off, my book(s) will be made available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and the Apple store.  And - more to the point - each new platform will have its own sales and freebie weekends!

Why am I giving away my first book and short story? Simply put:  I'm a brand new author, and while a lot of research went into  Understanding IT, and a lot of creativity went into DAISY, they are the books of a first time author.  More importantly though, is that they aren't going to be my last; in fact, I'm still in the middle of researching a very ambitious hard Science Fiction trilogy series. In order to make that trilogy the I can make it, I need feedback; I need candid reviews.  Candid reviews on how I express hard science with simplicity and creative futuristic concepts.

In order to get that feedback, and in order to reword the earliest fans, I'm giving my stuff away! So, please go read DAISY, and leave a review.  When you're done with the review, come back to this page and fill out the form below; when the time comes, I'll make sure you get a free copy of Understanding IT (Spoiler:  Reviewing Understanding IT will probably have its own benefits).

The following form is to reward loyal costumers who review my products - regardless of the criticality or favorability of their reviews.  If you like DAISY, then review it positively; if you didn't, then review it negatively.  The content of your review will in no way influence your promotion eligibility; nothing beyond the mere existence of your review qualifies you.

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