Three Common Problems (And Solutions) for Plex

If you're an active reader of my blog, you've probably heard about Plex Media Server (often abbreviated to PMS), and know that you can drop it on an unRAID network server.  Unfortunately, while it runs smoothly about 99% of the time, there are a few bugs that can bring your media streaming experience to a halt.  Three, in particular, seem to be pretty common among Plex enthusiasts.

The Server Settings Are Not Available

There Was a Problem Signing Into Plex

These two issues are usually interconnected; essentially you are logged into and you can access your web portal by using the address (http://tower:32400) and you can even play movies from it, but you cannot link your Plex server to your account. Chances are, your Plex web portal has some corrupted cached information within it, and you need to remove a few files from your server.

Navigate to the file path located above and remove the WebManager.bundle directory (rm -r) and the SiteConfigurations.bundle directory.  Reboot the server, and this error should no longer exist.

You Do Not Have Permissions To Access This Server

One problem happens whenever you change your password, change the IP address or host name of your Plex server. In my case, I had just fixed my previous problem and gained access to my server, but then somehow ended up "locked out" of it.  If I had to hazard a guess, these two issues and the first one were probably all linked to a recent password change, but most people get the issues separately.  At any rate, the fix is pretty quick.

When your Plex plugin starts on your unRAID's boot-up, it looks to an XML preferences file to determine if the server is already logged in (similar to the cookie that determines if you're logged into Facebook) to a account.  Removing the Preferences.xml file will resolve your issue; it will be regenerated on boot-up and login.

The Media you are trying to access does not seem to exist.

This is a fairly common issue for Samsung SmartTV users.  This fix is pretty easy:  Update Plex to version or newer!  You can download Plex from here by selecting "NAS" and "unRAID" from the menu.  Just select x32 bit for unRAID v5.0 and x64 bit for unRAID v6.0.  You can tell what version of unRAID you have from the unRAID GUI homepage in the top right.