Understanding IT - Cover, Design, and Beta Readers

I recently employed Jeff Brown to produce cover art for me for my book, Understanding IT, that is set to release in Janurary 2015. In spite of him being a fantastic Sci-Fi and Fantasy artist, and in spite of me being a first time author who needed a fair amount of hand holding throughout the process, Jeff did a fantastic job. I really cannot speak highly enough about his services; they were affordable, extremely timely, and exceeded my expectations. 


I also sought out the services of Bobbi Jo Woods to redo my interior graphic design; I had done all of my illustrations in Microsoft Word (eek!), and like Jeff Brown - I was impressed by the results. I had utilized Bobbi Jo in the past for my resume overhaul back when I "rebranded" myself, so I knew she had a knack for design when I sought her out. She was extremely flexible and her work came in with the high quality I was expecting and on a reasonable time table.


Finally, I also solicited Gabriel Fitzpatrick to line-edit my manuscript. I ended up sending my manuscript a little too early, so I had to grab a friend to proof-read it after it was all said and done, but that was entirely my fault. What's more is, like Jeff Brown, she was extremely patient with my "first time authorness" while being extremely professional, timely, and educational. It's not so much that Gabriel line-edited my work, it's that I learned (several) somethings during the process. 

If knowing that this work came to you from a writer in Arkansas, a cover artist in Canada, a graphic designer in Minnesota, and a line editor in Prague isn't enough to get you pumped about the work, then maybe an abridged sample of the security chapter will raise your adrenaline. The book is approximately 150 pages and Security / Privacy take up over 20 of those (the largest section by far), so my recent blog post on Defense in Depth is a small sampling of that.

If this seems like a book that you want to be a part of, then I encourage you to sign up to become a beta reader. You'll get an advance PDF copy of the book to send me feedback on, a finished e-book copy in all three formats (epub, mobi, and PDF), and a print copy should I ever decide to pursue physical books.

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