The Force is Weak With This One

It's with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth that I move on from Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The sporadic nature in which Bioware updates the game, the mediocrity of the content, and the weaning server populations have made the MMORPG the first ever MMOSPG.  It's with reluctance that I say that, at this point, a game that had potential to be such a trail blazer simply created a new genre of Massively Multiplayer Online Single Player Games.  

Midnight Reveries, which was once ranked tenth in the world, has retired from raiding.  We were very active raiders and theory crafters in this game and offered well written reviews containing specific suggestions to the development team.  Version 1.2 "Legacy" was the defining moment for SW:TOR.  The first major content patch of any MMORPG defines the tempo in which the game lives or dies; and while it is possible to recover from a poor showing in that first major patch, it is certainly difficult.

The majority of the challenge from the game consisted of run times, trash clearing, and fighting bugs.  While we did manage to down Kephass hard mode with the bugs, after they were fixed, we had no difficulty in downing him -- the encounter was almost trivial; but prior to this we spent nearly thirty hours tilting at the windmill known as poor programming. 

This same poor programming would lead us to become excited at work arounds for game functions we took for granted in TOR's predecessor, World of Warcraft.  Functions like damage meters were cumbersome and required third party applications with a simplistic, but painful, pass phrase system to synchronize with fellow party members.

With Diablo 3 out and MMO enough to saite our appetites until Guild Wars 2, most of our raiders have retired and are cancelling our accounts as I type this message.  Farewell Bioware, good luck, and I hope your game makes it long enough for me to return to it.   I loved the game, but a dying game is simply no fun.