World War Z

I just devoured this book, and quite frankly, I'm a little upset that no one here has recommended it to me before now. It is probably, hands down, the best interpretation (written or visual) of a zombie outbreak that I have ever enjoyed; up to and including The Walking Dead. That's right, I said it; I think this book eats The Walking Dead for breakfast and defecates 28 Days Later.

From the greed and capitalism that lead people to capitalize on fear with "miracle drugs" which, due to the psychological fractures of the "Quishies" (or Q's), seemed to work and gave first world nations hope, to the skeptical bureaucracy that enabled an administration to ignore and obfuscate a rising global epidemic, we see a "realistic" insight on how the world could come crashing down.

This is the part of the zombie outbreak that every zombie story glosses over or completely ignores. It isn't an immediate outbreak starting from one epicenter. It's spread, through lies, deceit, and greed. It's spread through false sense of security, and the egos and pride that think we can handle it on our own. It's spread through the compassion of trying to save everyone, and emotional attachments to our gadget filled lives.

This work of fiction is obviously just that, a work of fiction. However, it is founded on some very sound psychological, geopolitical, and military research. Combining that with the interview narrative style, that leaves a lot of small gaps as it progresses from Patient Zero to the Rockie Line (and all of its propaganda, logistics, and administration) leads the reader to fill in the missing narration with what they infer to be the missing causal links.

The overall effect? A remarkably convincing work of fiction that caused me, on one occasion, to google the name of some of the officials just to ascertain the exact boundary between fact and fiction. Overall, this is by far one of the best books I've read this year.

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