One of my first flashbulb memories I have was in researching the best methods to manipulate the virtual markets of Dark Age of Camelot;  I knew that if I could anticipate shopping habits of players, I could meet surges in supply and not only meet the needs of my fellow gamers, but turn a healthy profit in the process. It would take more than fifteen years, before I would realize that there's an entire academic and professional career built upon that principle:  Business Intelligence.

This melding of professional and recreational passions is something that has been a key factor in my constant drive to excel. Whether it's combining advanced mathematics with the issues it raises in the social sector (i.e. privacy), or in recognizing the inadequacies of a favored hobby, my life has always consisted of an enjoyable and healthy work-life balance.

Professional Timeline


In the first ten years of my career, I have had the pleasure of being involved in some fantastic projects above and beyond your typical systems/database administration duties. Including, but not limited to:  standing up an award winning Career Retention Program; building a database that would reduce our network outages by over eighteen percent; implementing Patriot Excalibur, allowing for real time trend analysis of a now "paperless" training program; developing a mobile application to assist in the irrigation of farmlands across Arkansas; and acting as an instrumental part of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF/F-35) program's reaching its full capabilities in 2015.


    Major Awards


    • Air Force Acheivement Medal, 2010 & 2013
    • First Sergeant's Diamond Award, 2012
    • Unit Career Advisor of the Year, 2012
    • Army Achievement Medal, 2010